Insurance Solutions

30 January 2015 ,7:23 AM

Whilst there is a minefield of options to choose from when choosing your wedding rings, we can provide you with extra assurance that once you have chosen your perfect wedding rings, we offer an insurance solution for your treasured purchases.

Our trusted affiliates TH Marsh are the UK leading insurance brokers who specialize in offering jewellery insurance. Once you have made your purchase with Duo Jewellery, you will be able to take extra care to protect your valuable items from loss or theft. This includes wedding and engagement rings you have purchased elsewhere.

Simply click on the link below and fill out a short form, premiums start from just £53. In order to qualify for a free replacement, please add our reference number when applying. AS330T

Click here to get a quote:  T.H.Marsh Insurance

We offer a hassle-free replacement for your engagement and wedding rings for a lifetime. Subject to the terms and conditions via T.H.March