Wooden Inlay Options

Choice of available woods.

Below is a selection of wooden inlays which are available to choose for your wooden inlay ring.

Choose a different wood:

If you see a piece you like on the website but would prefer a different wood to be inlaid, just let us know which wood you would like and when we’re making the piece we’ll inlay your choice of wood. The lists below are the woods we ordinarily have available, but if you know of a wood that we don’t have and would like it in your piece, we’ll do our best to source it for you.

Care and wear over time:

We would note that the wooden inlays in our rings change subtly as the piece ages. It’s very dependent on your lifestyle, and paler woods are more prone to change than darker ones as they will show up any dirt more easily than a darker wood. Most woods tend to go a bit darker and take on an almost driftwood feel, but the changes settle down after a couple of years. When the rings are worn all the time, the wood changes and adjusts naturally according to your lifestyle.

The natural oils in our skin stop the wood from drying out or cracking and because the wood isn’t attached to the metal the piece can be worn in water – anywhere from the shower to the sea. If you feel the wood is drying out, you can oil the wood with teak oil.