Engraving Wedding Rings

09 October 2019 ,12:30 PM

All our wedding rings can be laser engraved to add your personal touch, there are many styles to choose from and the most popular is to have the name of your partner and the date of your wedding on the inside of your rings. That way when you place your partners wedding ring on his or her finger during your vows, you will have each others names on the inside of your bands to add an extra romantic touch for a lifetime.

You can of course choose your own words which can range from a nickname to a Harry Potter quote or something simply to define your love for each other.


There are many alternative engraving designs to choose from such as a comic con logo which can be engraved on the inside or outside, many couples share the same hobbies and passions and adding this sort of design gives a unique dual touch which demonstrates how much you have in common.

Other ideas are fingerprint engraving, this is done simply be pressing your fingertip on our print paper which we provide during our consultation, this will give us a unique and very precise image which we can then add to the inside or outside or your wedding ring using laser engraving to give an exact copy of your fingerprint.

Roman numerals are also a popular design especially on gents wedding rings who generally choose the date of their wedding and with the added touch of choosing a quality diamond in between the roman numerals can also be an extra option.


Ladies often send us their floral design ideas which add a beautifully feminine finish, these can be either copied using laser engraving from an image or ladies choose their own designs from a sketch.


As you can see there are unlimited engraving options to choose from and all to make your engraved wedding rings that bit more personal and unique to you both.